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Saturday, 2 February 2013


The Shani gives one of its rarest yogas through its planetary positions. The placement of Shani in the 2nd house to the Moon sign (Rasi) is called as "Sasi Yoga or Sasi Yogam".

Let us see the effects of Sasi Yogam:

1. The Person will be born in a joint family or will have a big family structures.

2. There would be huge and uninteruppted flow of money into the family.

3. The family members would abdicate their responsibilities and may not work in active manner.

4. The family members roatate their family responsibility among themselves. 

5. The family would be famed and would be greeted and envied by others.

6. The family enjoys happiness despite the contradictions.

The "Sasi Yoga" brings a happy and undivided joint family status. This Yoga would be applicable only, if this graha position is found in the natal chart of the senior most member (or his wife) of the family

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