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The Mesha Rasi is the 11th house from the Mithuna Lagna. The Mesha Rasi is owned by the Kuja (Mars) the fierce opponent of Shani and the Shani becomes debilitated in the Mesha Rasi. The Shani is friendly to the Mercury, who owns the Mithuna Lagna. But Shani has the ownership of Makaram (8th house) and Kumbam (9th house). The 8th house is highly malefice and the 9th house is highly benefice, thus the Shani will do both good and equally bad too.

Let us see the results of 19 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Mithuna Lagna (Shani in Mesham)

The effects of the first 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Mithuna Lagna. 

1. The Mithuna Lagna enjoys the happier moments with family members especially from the paternal side.

2. But the Mithunam would also face troubles in maintaining their family relationships.

3. The Mithunam would try and sometime succede in going abroad and holy places.

Let us see the effects of last 9 1/2 Years of Shani Mahadasa for Mithuna Rasi, when Shani in Mesha Rasi. 

1. The Mithuna Lagna should look after their physical health.

2. The Mithuna Lagna must take extra care about their safety, while travelling.

3. The Mithuna Lagna could face pressure in their financial position, due to various problems in their profession and business. 

4. The Mithua Lagna might be troubled with some legal issues too.

5. The Mithuna Lagna might be able to come out successfully only after making several attempts earlier. @ Mithunam won't be able to grab the success very easily. 

 The results are subject to minimum variations due to huge number of astrological factors like Thithi Sunyam, Combustion by Sun, movement in the retrograde manner and so on. 

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